Garry's Mod, or Gmod, is a sandbox physics game.

Developed by Garry Newman as a HL2 Mod, it quickly grew into one of the most popular sandbox games released.

Available on PC, Mac and Linux

The standalone game was released in 2006 for Microsoft Windows, published by Valve Corporation. Later updates saw an OS X port added in 2010, and a version for Linux in 2013. It quickly grew in popularity with millions of gamers worldwide fascinated by it's creative, sandbox capacities.


Create constructions with moving parts. Create a car and drive it around. Create a rocket and fly it to the moon.

Single & Multiplayer

Playing by yourself is fun. But playing with friends is funner! You can play Garry’s Mod with your friends online, allowing you to cooperatively build together.


It doesn’t have to be about building. It could be about finding terrorists. Or running a jail. Or playing football. There are lots of different gamemodes!

Download Addons

Garry’s Mod benefits from a rich productive community – so there’s always new addons to try! Installing addons is achieved in a single click!

Ragdoll Posing

Use the Physics Gun to move ragdolls and freeze their limbs. Place them in any position you want. Any position. Any.

Face Posing

Edit the faces of ragdolls or NPCs. Make them happy, angry. Make their face stretch so much that every player on the server can see their bottom lip!

Garry's Mod Trailer

The Most Creative, Craziest Game Ever?

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